Content CURLY BOX June 2021

Les Secrets De Loly| TROPICAL DETOX
240ml| UVP/MSRP 26,90€
From the very first time you try the 4-in1 Tropical Detox treatment, your hair will recover its natural radiance. Composed of kaolin, purifying and detoxifying soft Clay, this treatment is enriched with moisturisers (flax and chia), humectants (glycerin and agave) and detangler (banana). It removes build up and gives your curls a fresh start. Formulated for natural and coloured hair.
How to:
Apply once a month onto wet hair from scalp to lengths to use it as a detox treatment. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes.Rinse out thoroughly. For more usage instructions please check the back page of this folder.

250ml| UVP/MSRP 15,90€
The Aloe + Green Tea mist is a perfect daily refresher for any style. This leave on spray is the perfect primer for the Curling Cream,Butter Cream and Styling Gel. The mist will leave your hair lightweight, hydrated and nourished.
How to:
Use it as a co-wash directlyon your scalp and work it in with a scalp massage brush to clean your hair. Apply the conditioner also to your lengths to detanglewith your fingers. Leave on for 2 minutes or more if desired and squish to condish. After that rinse out thoroughly.

250ml| UVP/MSRP 21,50€
The very first cosmetic Smoothie aimed to hydrate and nourish your hair with jojoba oil, Sweet almond vegetable oil, mango butter andaloe vera. With a formula that straightens scales and limits split ends. Jojoba proteins strenghtens your hair and pro vitamin B5 gives youshine.
How to:
Apply a small amount to dry or damp hair. For more fine hair we suggest to start with a small amount, for thick hair youcan use a walnut size amount or more if needed. If you want to define your curls right after, apply it to damp hair. You can use thesmoothie daily to refresh your curls (mixed with water to activate your curls).

250ml | UVP/MSRP 26,90€
Formulated with 100% natural origin, the growth serum is a true concentrate of pure oils. This multi-use serum, composed of 12oils, has been formulated to stimulate growth, fight breakage and alleviate itchy scalp problems while providing softness andshine.
How to:
To use it as a growth serum apply it to the scalp as regularly as possible (twice a week) while making circularmovements in order to activate blood circulation and therefore stimulate growth. Without rinsing.
As a finishing oil apply it atthe end of your styling routine, a few drops are enough to seal in the hydration. Without rinsing.
To use it as a Pre-Poo Treatment apply it to damp hair, from scalp to lengths. Leave for at least 30 minutes under a heat cap. Rinse and thenproceed with your regular washing routine.