Two brands - one vision

CURLY BOX is now part of Lela Box. Here you can find out what that means, what is changing and how you can benefit from it.

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Our Transformation

Lela Box is the only full-service provider of Discovery Boxes in Europe. From beauty to lifestyle to hair care you will find everything your heart desires in your Lela Box. Let yourself be surprised, inspired and amazed by our exclusive subscription boxes. With the integration of CURLY BOX, the largest provider of "CGM approved" boxes on the European market, it is now possible to close a gap in the portfolio and meet the needs of all curly haired heads.

CURLY BOX existing customers benefit from this:

There are many great improvements for all new and existing CURLY BOX customers:

The price of the box in a monthly subscription drops to € 29.95 with free shipping

Subscription payment now only on the last day of the month

Shipping from the 1st of the month

Personalize your box according to hair structure, hair type, and much more.

Add add-on products to your subscription

Shampoo or not? Your choice

Savings subscriptions now also with monthly debit

Discounts when taking out a Beauty Box subscription

Note: All upcoming subscription payments have been automatically postponed to the end of October and the term of the savings subscription has been extended. We take the time to do everything right. The first Lela Box Hair will be shipped by adjusting packaging, shipping and logistics from October 1st. Background: We have spent a lot of time setting up a unique system that allows you to put together your own individual box every month. The products have been adapted to the new product range. If you had previously subscribed to a box for "fine hair" as a monthly subscription, this subscription was automatically switched to the new product variant "Lela Box Hair - Monthly Subscription - Curls - Fine Hair - CGM - Without Shampoo". You can make changes to your preferences in your user account at any time. If you want to switch to "normal hair" and "with shampoo" before the Lela Box Hair is shipped on October 1st, you can do so until the end of September.

You can also add add-ons to your next box as you wish. Other frequently asked questions for existing customers are answered here. Otherwise, our customer service staff are of course always there for you. Simply send us your message using the contact form and we will contact you shortly.

Our Portfolio

You get fantastic products:

Our Lela Box Hair delivers up to 6 hairstyling and care products to your door every month. Every month, our brand scouts test hundreds of products from trendy brands around the world and pack their favorites in your Lela Box Hair. The value of each box is a multiple of the purchase price.

With Lela Box you have everything in your own hands:

Choose your hair structure (curls, waves or straight hair), your hair type (fine, normal or thick hair), whether you follow a certain method such as CGM and whether we should put a shampoo in your box or whether you prefer to wash with conditioner want. Et voilà! Your personalized Lela Box Hair is ready!

You want more?

Treat yourself to an additional product or accessory and simply add it to your order - for just a few euros extra. This is how you can put together your very own personal spa moment yourself.

Discover Lela Box Hair

The best of all beauty boxes

We have analyzed the beauty market worldwide and combined the best of all offers on the market in the unique Lela Box Beauty. Up to 5 beauty products, of which at least 2 are full sizes with a fantastic value. Selected add-ons make your beauty box your own personal creation.

Are you still looking for your favorites?

Don't want to miss out on the hottest beauty trends? Do you want to test international beauty brands? Do you want to give yourself presents every month? Then our Lela Box Beauty is just right for you!

Fancy a beauty advent calendar?

Still looking for your perfect advent calendar? Then get our Lela Box Beauty Advent Calendar now. Attention: Strictly limited!

Discover Lela Box Beauty

Our Benefits


Recyclable, cruelty free, sustainable - your Lela Box is committed to the environment

free shipping

We deliver to many countries for free! So nothing stands in the way of your moment of wellbeing.

30 day money back guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to us. Let us know how you like the products.