About us

I am following the Curly Girl / Hair method for several years now, because I have looked for a way to make more out of my natural curls. I have used straighteners and the wrong hair care for years and wanted to try a new method. 

In the beginning I had a lot of troubles finding the right products and keeping in mind all the rules and what ingredients are to avoid according to the method. 

As subscription box junkie with active subscriptions for at least a couple of beauty boxes, I was curious why there was no curl box as well. As I could not find a product for my needs, I started working on the concept for the CURLY BOX beginning of 2019:

"A curl box for all who want to follow the Curly Girl Method and want to try the best products without bothering about it's ingredients."  - that has been my vision behind CURLY BOX

I am taking care of that for you and check all the ingredients of the products I put into the box. They must be safe according for the Curly Girl Method.

I started negotiating with douzens of companies all over the world to feature them in my CURLY BOX and put together the first box in October of 2019. After announcing my business idea on Social Media the response has been overwhelmingly positive. As I am working from home I had to figure out how to do fulfill all these orders in a short period of time.

I have read a great quote about entrepreneurship which describes my state of mind at the beginning perfectly: 

"Entrepreneurs jump off a cliff and build parachutes on their way down"

Meanwhile CURLY BOX has become the one-stop shop for women and men with curls and waves who want to follow the CG method and are looking for their perfect products

As a one-woman-business and a mom of (soon) two daughters I experience a lot of challenges on the way every single day. With that being said, against all odds I managed to successfully expand to all over Europe with my business and have got more than 2.000 satisfied customers.

It is a lot of fun to put together boxes for all you curlies and wavies out there, to offer you the best products for the most affordable prices, to support you in bringing back your natural curls and waves

I do like the personal exchange with my customers a lot. That's why I created a Facebook Community and share insights and listen to the wishes of my customers. Their input is going into my next boxes.  

Thank you for your trust and have fun testing the products!

Best regards,

Melanie Pichler


Melanie Pichler