Content CURLY BOX December 2020


Flora & Curl |
Jasmine Oasis Hydrating Hair Mist
250ml | UVP/MSRP 26,00€

Floral Hydration is formulated with the best nature has to offer dry hair!
Hydrate thirsty hair with a botanically active infusion of floral essences:
Organic Rose Flower Water, Aloe Vera and bioactive flower oils of Lavender,
Jasmine and Sandalwood. Curls transform from dry and brittle to instantly
softened with one spritz. How to: Shake before use and spritz hair and
massage in to add much needed moisture with a focus on dry ends.

Flora & Curl |
African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil
200ml | UVP/MSRP 29,00€

This concentrated blend is made with African Saharan plant oils of Jojoba,
Kalahari, Crambe and Baobab, prized for their antioxidant richness and
UV-protective properties to restore hair's natural sheen. An essential for
daily curl protection. How to: Apply a few drops, and warm oil between
your hands and apply unto clean wet or dry hair to seal ends and add
shine. Use on finished style to add shine and softness. You could also use
it as a pre-poo/scalp massage oil or use it as Sun/Water/ Protection.

Flora & Curl |
Organic Rose & Honey Leave-in Detangler
300ml | UVP/MSRP 22,00€

A botanical detangling conditioner that adds softness and slip to hair
to release knots and tangles to make combing and styling
manageability easier. It also serves as a leave-in moisturiser with a
blend of Coconut and Calendula Oils, perfect for restoring hair's
healthy moisture balance. A great detangling solution for all textures.
How to: Part a small section of hair and apply product with a focus on
areas that are more prone to tangles and knots. Can also be used as a
daily no-rinse conditioner between washdays and after washing hair.

Flora & Curl |
Coconut Mint Curl Refresh Clay Wash
260g | UVP/MSRP 25,00€

Nature's most powerful earth clays purify the scalp and curls of build-up,
while fruit powders of organic Coconut and Banana protect and condition
overworked strands. How to: In a small bowl, mix 2 tbsp of the powder
with 6 tbsp of warm water to freshly activate the treatment. Apply to hair
and roots, and let sit on hair for 10-15 minutes under a plastic cap. Then
rinse out thoroughly with warm water and be amazed!