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ESSERE | COw Cane Sugar & Cornflower
Co-Wash Conditioner
500ml | UVP/MSRP 15,99€

The COw "Co-wash" by ESSERE is a special kind of hair care
product in that it cleanses the hair while it conditions. The nolather
co-wash is made up of cleansing components, sweet
almond oil, citrus fruits, cornflower and organic cane sugar. It is
ideal for frequent cleansing and perfect for wavy and curly hair
thanks to its hair-taming properties. How to: Spread evenly
onto your scalp and use the scalp massage brush to work it in.
Rinse thoroughly.

CURLY BOX | Hair Turban Towel
1pc. | UVP/MSRP 39,95€

Ultra-absorbent microfibre hair towel wrap.
Dries hair quickly and easily. Helps to reduce
blow-dry time. Apply hair mask and cover with
hair towel wrap for several hours or overnight.

CURLY BOX | Bandana
1pc. | UVP/MSRP 29,95€

With our new buff you can optimally protect your curls /
waves at night. Just shake the next morning, ready and go! 

Biofficina Toscana | Curls & Volumising Spray
100ml | UVP/MSRP 12€

A salt-free spray that gives definition and hold to the hair. A
practical and quick application, for a natural volume effect.
Contains a curly activator based on flax and chia seeds,
organic Tuscan kiwi extract rich in vitamins, a plant-derived
structuring polymer, panthenol and proteins for a protective
function. How to: Spray onto damp hair, then dry with a
hair-dryer or leave to dry naturally for a beach wave effect

HAND Cosmetics |
Organic Vegan Dry Hair Conditioner
150ml | UVP/MSRP 10,20€

Organic dry balm based on Cotton Oil which with its
moisturizing and emollient properties helps to
reduce frizz. It gives the hair silkiness, softness and
brightness. How to: For the Co-Wash apply the
product on your scalp. Distribute the conditioner
evenly in your wet hair to detangle your curls/waves.
Rinse it out thoroughly.