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quarterly subscription voucher

Rate your order in our shop and with a bit of luck you will win a quarterly subscription of your choice (fine or thick hair) worth € 99.75.

Participate now: Simply select the box you have bought, rate it and submit your review! Anyone who has placed an order with CURLY BOX can take part.

Every month we raffle 3 x 1 quarterly subscription worth € 99.75 from all product reviews submitted!
Secure your chance of winning and take part!

How it works:

Write a review that ...

... contains at least 80 words.
... factual and creative, most important is, that your review is detailed.
... reflects on your experiences with the box.

Of course, you are also welcome to rate several variants of the box you have purchased (monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual subscription) to increase your chance of winning.

The three winners will be drawn on the first day of the following month and notified by email. Please make sure that you enter a correct e-mail address with your review!

Conditions of participation
The winning cycle of a month begins on the first and ends on the last calendar day of the month (competition starts on February 1, 2021). All reviews received during this period take part in the competition for the respective month. Every received and published rating counts as "1 lot". In order to take part in the competition, the correct email address of the reviewer must be available. If a winner cannot be reached via the specified email address, the claim to the prize expires. Every completed review that meets the requirements in length, at least 80 words, and objectively describes the advantages and disadvantages of the box, will be entered into the raffle. Sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Nazi, violence-glorifying, insulting, defamatory, reputation-damaging or copied from other forums or sites are excluded from the competition in any case. Reviews that are written for commercial or commercial purposes are generally excluded.

In order to enter the raffle, it does not matter whether a product was rated positively, only that the advantages and disadvantages of the box were explained objectively and in detail. The focus is on the box and its benefits, price / performance ratio, etc .. The manufacturers of the products contained in the boxes or services provided by CURLY BOX may not play a role in the product evaluation.

CURLY BOX selects three ratings at random. The three winners each receive a quarterly subscription of their choice (fine or thick hair). The prize will be paid out as a voucher in digital form by email. The decision is final with regard to the implementation, the prize decision and the award of prizes.

Eligible to participate are CURLY BOX customers aged 18 and over who reside in countries to which we deliver according to the currently valid shipping conditions. CURLY BOX employees and their relatives are excluded from the prize.

CURLY BOX reserves the right to interrupt the competition at any time without prior notice or to end it prematurely. CURLY BOX is particularly entitled to do this if the proper implementation of the competition can no longer be guaranteed for technical, legal or economic reasons.

Our terms and conditions and data protection regulations apply.