CURLY BOX All-In-One for thick hair

CURLY BOX All-In-One for thick hair

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1. CURLY BOX for thick hair:

The CURLY BOX All-In-One for thick hair contains 4 to 6 full-size products, adapted for the needs of thick hair. The box includes a complete wash routine. 

The products in our boxes are safe according to the Curly Girl Method. That means the products do not contain any water-resistant silicones, drying out alcohols, aggressive surfactants, sulfates  or water-resistant waxes or oils.

Our products are hand-picked and carefully selected in Austria. We have high quality and enviromental standards. We try to reduce packaging as much as we can. The boxes are made of 100% recycling material, so is the filling material and even the tape is made out of recycling paper. 

Within the EU the box is shipped free of charge!

2. Accessory kit

The CURLY BOX Accessory kit contains all the tools and accessories you need for the perfect hair care routine. 

The contents of the Accessory kit varies each month and can contain for example the following products: Buff, applicator bottle, spray bottle, microfibre towel or turban, shower caps, brush, comb, finger styler, final wash product, organic flaxseed and so on.


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