CURLY BOX for fine hair: biannual subscription

CURLY BOX for fine hair: biannual subscription

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The CURLY BOX for fine hair contains 4 to 6 full-size products, well-matched for the needs of fine hair.

The products in our boxes are safe according to the Curly Girl Method. That means the products do not contain any water-resistant silicones, drying out alcohols, aggressive surfactants, sulfates or water-resistant waxes or oils.

Our products are hand-picked and carefully selected in Austria. We have high quality and enviromental standards. We try to reduce packaging as much as we can. The boxes are made of 100% recycling material, so is the filling material and even the tape is made out of recycling paper.

Within the EU the box is shipped free of charge!

- prepaid for 6 months

- automatic renewal

- can be cancelled after 6 months

- 10% off


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